Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some Fun Stuff

I'll post some stuff for Katie, who is on the road on assignment and we can't chitter-chatter about what I found. Together, we have started at least 20 companies (in our heads and hearts).

Beautiful collection of furniture from Red Egg.

ABC Home (her favortie New York store)

Candy wrapper bags from Ecoist.

Big blue chill for fridge fun.

Fingerprints on the wall, and not from your kids that you have to wash off.

Corrugated cardboard Chihuahua, but does he barks?

“Régence” style table leg, tresle and plywood Moose from Big Game.

I have purchased these frames from Edge Home before for gifts. I love them.


Anonymous said...

very interesting objects

Anonymous said...

I love those frames! When I went to the site it says you have to be a wholesale buyer. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the frames and the chairs! I saw the moose a few days ago and thought of you! I knew you'd lik eit if you stumbled upon it!

Katie said...

Hi Kim...I'm in Cincy, but loved all of your finds! We'll have to swoon over them together when I get back! By the way...Doug actually bought me a frame for Christmas last year similar to the ones you posted. I believe he purchased it through I love it!