Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brunch In Ballard

Market Street, Ballard. Wonderful place to meet for brunch and head off for window shopping. I explained to Joel that 9:30 a.m. is not the "brunch hour" and even though my stomach was my fully awake to enjoy it, I ordered vanilla, hazelnut french toast. Ballard also host Art Walks, a great way to spend an evening.

Always need to walk into Lucca to see new inventory. Veloira (I found this googling Damsalfly (below), one of the stores we ventured into.)

My friend Bo, is always encouraging me to rent studio space at Venue, work studios + boutique. I explained to her I would have to produce art work and SELL it, not give it away, in order to pay the $500 montly rent due.

Re-soul, for urban individuals, filled with footwear and modern accessories. They were very nice to let me take pictures and show me lots of wonderful jewelry by Romin Kappos and Soul Flower. I lusted after a big, organic wooden ring, unfortunately too small.

Shop under chandeliers and metal trellises at Brazillis. Wonderful boutique with equally wonderful art by Margot Lovinger. You can't see the detail of her art on the website. But IS amazing. Here is a explanation from her site about her work:

"Each piece on this website is composed entirely of fabrics, thread and embroidery floss, and, in some cases, beads. No paints, inks, or dyes are used. All sewing is done by hand.

I begin with a cotton canvas base, to which all the successive layers are sewn. The first layers are usually cottons and silks. In these early layers, I rough out the composition and establish the major shapes and colors of the work. Next, the subtle modulation of color and tone are achieved by the layering of sheer fabrics, such as tulle, netting, organza and chiffon. Each successive layer changes the hue of the layers beneath it, much the way a transparent color wash changes the layers underneath it in watercolor painting. Stitching in cotton, silk, or rayon thread or embroidery floss is added to create texture and define shapes. Finally, each piece is stretched over a wooden frame."

Passed a corner design shop, Hale Design and wandered into the New York Fashion Academy. I want to take a pattern-making class at New York Fashion Academy. I will do that right after I finish my digital photography class. ')

And of course, Curtis Steiner's (looks like he is not only an artist, calligrapher, designer, stylist, but is featured in Maggie Conley's photography as well!) Souvenirs. My favorite place to go ooohhh and ahhhh. A must visit when you are on Market Street. Dr. Fluffy Jones blogs about Souvenirs. He has a collection of vintage fabric crowns that are to die for. I could kick myself now for not taking a photo. I am so mesmerized when I am in there, I completely forgot. And of course, I can't remember the artist either.

Also found this on the internet today.

I had a Saturday off. I meandered on the way home, enjoying the moment, taking streets I wouldn't normally take. Exploring neighborhoods, gardens, drive-by window shopping. Stopped by my favorite thrift stores. I have sworn off thrift stores for several months. Really hate walking in and seeing a store full of shoppers. My first thought "They have all ready gotten all of the good stuff". Yes, that is always my first thought! I know, small and nasty of me. I found only a couple of dollars worth of goodies. Big spools of thread I will use for my cards. Games for 99 cents. That is about all. Then, again, I have no place to store another cheap treasure in my home. Which is one of the reasons I did not buy a cabinet and three laquered chinese boxes at Damalsfly today. Must clean my house so I continue to shop, I am living in a sad state of affairs.

Thrift store find

Thrift store find


ParisBreakfasts said...

LOVE these colored spools of yarn

mimi k said...

sounds like you had a mini vacation- and I feel like I had one too while I was reading and enjoying the photos!