Thursday, January 18, 2007

Slow And Steady

Another small milestone for my blog. I reached 150,000 page views, okay, many of those are google searches. And too bad for the person who stumbled upon my searching for "something HOT to say". The 150,000th visitor was from Lewsiville, Texas. Fitting since I lived in Lewisville, attended Denton High School and Cougar Jr. High!


Deborah said...

Well that might have been me! I live in Lewisville, TX! I'm delighted to be milestone. Your blog is always inspirational and creative -- and so regularly updated! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, I bet it was Deborah! And I bet all those google hits turned into loyal readers too...well, except for the person looking for something hot to say...seems they might be otherwise occupied.

wilsonian said...

Wow. I have no idea why it took me so long to wander over here from flickr. What a beautiful space. No surprise there.

Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday. I'm have a huge love for your photography, so it left me a little flushed.