Friday, August 18, 2006

Late Night Brain Fade

My work had become so busy, so intense the last couple of weeks that I come home and am mentally exhausted. I have not been reading blogs, answering email. I try to skip through some blogs during the day, eating lunch over my keyboard but that only last about 20 minutes. When I get home at 10 p.m., I run downstairs to my studio thinking I might work on projects, but spend about 20 minutes there and give up. It feels it has all gotten increasingly worse, my feeling of being overwhelmed. Because we are short-staffed at work? Because people are on vacation? I just feel stretched to the limit and can not wait for my week off to have space to THINK.

My son has gone away for the weekend to a friends' dad's lake cabin and I get really nervous when he is "on the water" without me. I try not to be a "worrier mom" but I can not help myself. I know all you moms out there do this ... "please God, let my son be safe this weekend". It is that prayer we all chant over and over when we give our kids their freedom. Trusting them, but not quite trusting they know how dangerous situations can be.

Anyway, after that little pity party, I did find this on Thinking About... (blog) and thought it sounded like fun! So am doing this before going to bed (so I can remember I still have some fun thoughts in my head, things I dream about). I get up early in Saturday mornings so must get to bed.

Thirteen Things I would do if I had more money (say, I won the lottery):

1. Would quit worrying about money.

2. Give more money to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital

3. Buy a hybrid car.

4. Buy some property in Montana. Build a large, universal house with a big kitchen in grand room. And lots of satellite environmental sustainable houses with for family and friends to live/stay in.

5. Rent a co-op artist space for me and my many artist friends.

6. Put more money in my son’s college fund.

7. Put more money in my son’s savings fund.

8. Send my MIL and her new husband to Ireland.

9. Send my mom and Ruth to Malta for a long vacation.

10. Start a printing business in Oklahoma, letterpress?, for my brother to own/run. Where I could get MY own cards printed and give him local work.

11. Start my little business that I dream about everyday. I can’t say what it is …but I think about my two products driving back and forth from work everyday. (Kathy -- meggiecat -- knows ;)

12. Send my husband on an extended fishing vacation.

13. Invest in a WA winery.

Thirteen things I would do if I had less money:

1. Stop drinking my nightly two glasses of red wine

2. Cancel our cell phones.

3. Clean out our storage unit and finally give it up. I should do that anyway.

4. Quit trying to keep my Scooter alive with medical miracles.

5. No more dishes!

6. Refuse to pay for my son’s paintballing habit. A very expensive hobby.

7. Cancel cable, well, cancel HBO portion at least.

8. Stop going to Thrift stores, NO MORE fabric or boxes or crystal wine glasses.

9. No more Barnes and Nobles on Saturday nights, and cancel my magazines that I do not have time to read now anyway.

10. Do not let my husband go to the grocery store.

11. Take my lunch to work.

12. I would say Ebay shopping, but I have all ready stopped that bad shopping habit (vintage photos). No more internet shopping for patterns and paper emphera.

13. Do I have to give up my Bryn Walker shopping habit?


Karan said...

I worry most about my kids when they are playing on/in/near the water too.

kelly said...

worriesome moms....nah we dont worry! if only it was that simple

what a great list! i may try this one! happy weekend...

Janet said...

Worrying never quits. My son will be 43 this fall and he goes out on fishing boats in Alaska....I worry the whole time he's out there.

I enjoyed your lists. Gave me something to think about. I may try to do this one on my blog.

The Linda said...

Wishing you peace of mind, Kim... and a worryfree peaceful mind at that. Sometimes the universe has to take matters into it's own hands to get us to slow down. This might be your time. It might be someone else's turn tomorrow. Be well.

Kim Carney said...

ohh, Janet, Alaska and a boat, I would never get any sleep!

All is well, 5 mores hours and I am on vaca ;)))))

Colorsonmymind said...

I like this list-ther would be a lot of happy people if you won the lotto:)

herself said...

Great list, Kim. I hate to think you limiting your creative supplies, although I suppose there is a point where aquiring them becomes a distraction, you know best.

I like your hub house idea, and I'd like to book a weekend?!