Saturday, August 19, 2006

Excellent Idees

Flipping through the June 2006 Marie Claire idees that I got at B&N the other day, I happened upon a piece (that I can't read) about Lyndie Dourthe. How fabulous is her work? Litte paper flowers and butterflies, totally delightful.

Marieke Berghuis of Treats and Treasures has offered up the directions for a little felt box (that I plan on trying to make) and a wonderful example of how she uses hers.

This really made me smile today, Thanks! Karin! I love the unexpected, shapes and ways he uses the flowers. It is definitely a giggle and AHHHH moment. This guy is a genius, I only wish I could see his work IN PERSON -- Per Benjamin via Karin. See more of his and his partner’s work at Life 3. I love what Tomas De Bruyne does with petals.

Per Benjamin

Per Benjamin

And while I am talking about beauty and flowers, I would love a set of Karin's rose plates and bowl. One more find from Karin, Ayumi Horie's lanterns that would look wonderful in MY backyard.

ayumi horie


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

delightfully inspiring, colors that enchant, and links to love!

The Linda said...

as always, thanks for the awesome links... :-)

jessica said...

thanks for the link.
what a pretty felt box. will definitely try it.

phlegmfatale said...

I am besotted with Marie Claire Maison. Love the stuffing out of idees, too. Great ideas, indeed!