Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Chill In The Air

I was so sad this morning when I walked outside to a chill in the air. I love fall, I love winter. But the idea that the flowers are soon gone is almost more than I can bear. For a moment, I feel extreme loss, like a lover has forsaken me, a hole in my heart with the thought of a blank canvas in the backyard. The rain, the dark, no more sun, no more drinking coffee surrounded by delightful hydrangeas. Waiting for the next rose to bloom. The scent of honeysuckle. But I turn my mind to fall colors, leaves, winter and the possiblity of a snow. And I say, it will be okay. The peonies will be back in June. Everything has cycles and the thought of that is very soothing. The last of the flowering roses and poppies.

the last Poppy

rose petals

rose petals

I am officially on vacation, so I will be away for awhile. Lots to do. My son turns 15! Shopping, Lake Chelan (hopefully it is warmer there than here), I need to make all of my yearly exams appointments, get rid of the rat I have residing in the backyard, cars to be tuned up, rooms to be cleaned. I signed a work order with my contractor to have a bookcase built in an alcove in the next month. Freshman orientation tomorrow!

Purchased a little something for us, all the photographers at work have one and I have been longing for the Pentax Optio, for shooting at the lake, around water, my son can take it on the slopes. M's school clothes are coming in via FedEx. This is a very weird way to shop for school. M and D head off for Kansas City for MIL wedding party. I don't think I can get off work to go, but still working on that. Buying M something appropriate for that ocassion, so the new family members won't think they have married into some scary "skate video" crew.

Some day I am going to organize my sidebar! But not this vacation.

Some exciting news! My studio is now featured on "On my desk". I had to do alot of cleaning to make those photos possible ;) and I think I might have written too much, what is new? But it gives a good idea of my studio and it's contents.

I met a wonderful neighboring artist last night, a co-Round-Robin(er), Nanci Drew. We met at ArtFest and now we are both a part of a Round Robin, which I am terribly late getting to! (am frantically trying to finish my project today to get in the mail before I take off for the lake). We had a fun visit, talked about how inspirational ArtFest was, met each other's dogs.

Mom has been jammin' in the kitchen! Pickled watermelon rind, Damn Hot Relish (anyone want the recipe, leave me a note, I will send it along), peach perserves, apricot perserves. Lots of goodness going on here. The house smells of vinegar, sugar and love. Well, then I keep asking her to make me that peach "cheese thing". I made myself my own the other day, and it was not as delicious. That is always the case ... nothing taste as good unless someone makes it for you. The other day I heard the iron skillet being lifted from the drawer and I said "Is that a Peach I hear you cutting?" She was making me a peach delight, and we laughed.

mom jammin'

We had a wonderful al fresco sunset dinner at the neighbors the other night, in celebration of the oldest daughter leaving for Germany to attend univerisity. I am so excited for her. To be young and heading off to university in a foreign country, sometimes I get a little pang of jealously.

dining al fresco

So with the long post, I say "see ya soon". Lastly I would like to thank you all for visiting and leaving wonderful comments. I have so bad of late in answering emails, comments, etc. Just feeling so overwhelmed with work stuff. But I am so appreciative of them, and the extraordinary friendships I have made via blogging. It is such a warm, creative, accepting environment. And I am so thankful to have found it and experience it. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.


Amy said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy your time off!

kelly said...

oh happy stuff! thanks for the studio view link! love love love the go enjoy that
vacation girlie!

chronicler said...

see ya soon! Have a great time away!

Joelle said...

Have a wonderful vacation, and, thank you, I truly enjoy reading your blog!

Hanna said...

thank you Kim for sharing the studio/desk - what a bliss to work there. I love all the pictures, now I'm gonna read the whole thing too! :-)

take care

Erica Mulherin said...

Enjoy every second of your vacation!

Megan said...

I LOVE your studio images! We are planning to finish our basement and include a small studio for me in there; and your pics gave me lots of inspiration and great ideas! Your studio looks like such a safe haven! And fun!

Turquoise CRO said...

Godspeed Kim!!! I'm going to check out your desk in a sec, Happy Birthday to your 15 year old!, hope you catch that rat, going to try that peachy dessert and THANK YOU for your comments too sweetie!!! xooxoox Have FUN! and a relaxing time!

phlegmfatale said...

I sure wish I could send you about 20 degrees of the 105 degree weather we're having down here. Remember that fall and winter is the time when the growing takes place under the ground where we can't see it. It's renewal, and it's what makes the flowers possible. Enjoy your much-deserved break, hon. love you.

One Crabapple said...

GAwd these are gorgeous photos !

And I so know what you mean about feeling fall and that momentary catch of your breath...I have always been so sensitive to the seasons changing. I didn't know what it was when I was a kid...but I really stopped to think about it one day and equated the feeling I was having to the way it feels when you stand in the surf at the beach....the way it rushes in and then it is pulling back out....I still didn't know what it all meant but that was the feeling I had .

YOu sound really busy and vacation sounds great ! HOpe it is wonderful and restful and you take lots of pix (with that new camera of course)

Full up with peaches here Mom...but you sound like a Dynamo !

Have to go check out On My Desk and see you and what that is about...


holli said...

Well I'm late for the party - but those pictures were fantastic.. I hope I will come back and enjoy many more.. after your vacation. Enjoy.

"Maggie" said...

Fantastic photos of the flowers and water pitcher, you really have been a busy woman. I have disappear under oodles of deadlines at work and lost my zest somewhere. With fall I hope to get it back. Have you started planning for Christmas yet? We still need to brainstorm, now's the time. Cheers!