Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Different Look

I am working a different schedule the last couple of weeks, more days less hours. That gives me an extra hour to drink coffee and visit the backyard. I have not been a good gardener this year. And the Northwest warming trend has burned up what I did not water intensely. And with the heat, I decided not to plant more potted flowers. Too much to water. No global warming? Come visit my yard.


dry hy

But then on the brighter side, there are a few anemone that survived.


And those delightful columbine pods are spreading their seeds.

columbine seed


Deborah said...

More time to drink coffee is a good good thing.

As usual, lovely photos.

la vie en rose said...

even the dead and dying ones have their beauty.

Elaine said...

Only you could make a dead flower look pretty.

The Linda said...

As for the comments about the dead, dying and shriveled having a beauty all their own, I sooo agree and I think there's a lesson in there.

Jessica said...

I agree with the comment about making it look pretty again...i like it a lot. I have the same problem in Maryland. The heat really did a number on my plants and I didn't do much watering because the heat made me not want to be outside enjoying the garden...kind of a shame...there's always next year. Hooray for more time for yourself!

tiffinix said...

Your photography is so fantastic. The pods are incredible. Beautiful even in their death.