Monday, August 07, 2006

Blue Center

This has been a very disappointing hydrangea season. The heat has done many of them in. Of course, I am completely grateful for the blooms I have!

the little center


Cerys Clevercrow said...

Sorry to hear that your hydrangea season has not been up to snuff.

As for me, I was pleased to discover a mature Nikko Blue Hydrangea "hiding out" near the front door of the home we just purchased! I guess I get a second chance at hydrangeas.

Janet said...

Absolutely beautiful! What else can I say!!

The Linda said...

beauteous blue, my favorite flower color.

Romina Bacci said...

beautiful, beautiful flowers !!!
the colors are amazing...

thanks for visiting my blog Kim
it's a pleasure to meet you


Sarah e.Smith said...

I need to purchase a hydrangea plant, I adore the blue ones and this pic is just amazing. So vibrant!!!