Thursday, April 21, 2005

Paint Chip Wallets From Narangkar

Kathleen sent me this today. Just in the knick of time to, because I have nothing to blog about! Someone else's obsession with paint chips. But she has been making something useful - wonderful wallets from woven paint chips. And from her site this link on how to make the wallet. Not into bright color? Go with this duct tape wallet from in San Francisco.


Liquid Sky Arts said...

The last time I was in the craft store I saw rolls and rolls of colored duct tape, and pondered the possibilities. Love the wallets....I found the original link through Wol & Zo...who found it through Joleen's artistic endeavors, when I saw it I had to send it over. It reminded me of you so much!

Kim Carney said...

Well, thank you, one and all. They are a treat to see. I don't know if I would make one, but I would certainly like to own one! Funny, I never saw those in the magazines listed.