Monday, April 18, 2005


It has been an emotional week cleaning out my son's room. I found 'Bunny' tonight.

Out of the all the stuffed animals Matt received as gifts when he was born, he chose 'Bunny' to be his faithful companion for many, many years. Bunny was never out of his sight, if forgotten at day care, late night calls were made to the manager's home to retrieve him. Bunny's little tail is worn thin from my son stroking it when he was going to sleep. I hug Bunny, smell Bunny and let go a little Bunny tear for the past.

Bunny very much loved.

Bunny, today. Forgotten but still loved.

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Cin said...

wonderful photos, wonderful feeling that kind of hug, makes me remember a few I gave, long forgotten too, nice to remember again.