Saturday, April 23, 2005

I Love Chocolate

I love it, crave it and want to eat it all the time.
Ghirardelli recipes and baking tips.

Chocolate and zucchini wallpaper

Baking chocolate, Scharffen-Berger being my favorite chocolate to bake with (but on the pricey side).

The Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Torte from Godiva and more recipes here. (You could use any baking chocolate).

Hatice at
Portakalagaci photographs the food she creates, and has some yummy looking chocolate things there. She has some recipes translated, but I think the pictures tell the story.


Cin said...

have you heard of L. A. Burdick ? Considered the best handmade chocolate s in the U.S. !

Kim Carney said...

yum, thanks, Cin

hatice said...

thanks for the link Kim! today's post (devil's food cake) is for you:)

Amy said...

Well, my posterior is expanding as I sit here! Great bunch of links and some added variety for my chocolate requirments.

"Maggie" said...

Ok, no fair. You had to post about chocolate, didn't you. Made me head straight for the pan of hot brownies I made for my husband. Problem is, I am tempted by them all the time while he is at work...and I have NO will power.

Great illustrative chocolate piece!