Friday, April 08, 2005

Illustration Friday - Travel

I did not make the deadline for Illustration Friday. But I am going to post it anyway. This is what I feel like of late, a little squirrel that only travels to a couple of backyards, and not much further. But instead of the backyards, my path is back and forth to work. Sad, but true.


"Maggie" said...


Very cute illo. When I read "From one yard to another", I actually read it as "from one yard to a nutter". :)

I too was late getting my illustration posted for Illo Friday's theme "travel" (with 4 hours to go), so I reposted it for "alone" with a different take on it. We are busy women-busy women get things done!

Kim Carney said...

Well, from one yard to a nutter would have been much much more clever. I just can not get use to the 'new' IF schedule.

Leslie said...

Kim, this illustration is ADORABLE. I love it so!