Thursday, April 21, 2005

Getting Some Perspective

You would have to give an arm to have this Charlotte Media - orange textured leather with side pockets and silver hardware, sells for $1,150.00 from Neiman Marcus. Canvas totes are going for $350.00. I clicked on the NM ad at work and started cruising through the site while waiting for a photo for me to finish my project. I was feeling pretty disgusted after looking at all of those handbags and the price tags anyway but then ...

Next I clicked on this story about a
desperate Bangladeshi mother trying to sell her eye, yes her EYE, so she could FEED HER DAUGHTER.

I am probably one of the worst people to ridicule others about their spending habits. I do have some common sense about my spending. I try not to purchase too many things I do not need. I do lust after china, paper, printers, digital cameras but usually only lust via internet. I love to see new cool designs, paper goods, and all kinds of stuff. I would never spend $700 dollars on anything that would carry my car keys and wallet. And if I won the Big lottery tomorrow, I would still keep that mentality. My husband chastises me about me seeing the dark side of the world, taking it all in and disgesting it in my soul. But this has got to strike a sour note with anyone of the ridiculousness of our culture, its' spending habits and put your own 'bad day' in perspective. I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening. (This will not stop me from me from searching out and looking at dinnerware).
Update: I contacted Reuters today, who gave me the name and email address of the writer. I emailed him and his editor, asking questions about helping the mother, if it is possible and what I could do. Sending email around work alerting them to the fact that I want money from them. Keep you posted.

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phlegmfatale said...

It's a gift to approach life from a sense of gratitude. Beautiful post, Kimmer. ...I'm grateful for such a beautiful friend as you. Sometimes when I toil in my garden, I think of you so far away, fiddling with your hydrangeas, rhodies and peonies. Almost every day I see some marvelous thing in my flower beds that makes me think of you, and how I know you'd see it as beautiful as I do. I wish you could see my big cactus with its 20 or so fiery orange-red blossoms. What hummingbird could resist?