Sunday, June 03, 2012

Spiders take up residence

Okay, it was an all-day-affair with the bathroom.

I am not one of those cleaners that can just dust off a surface and call it good. Once I start, I can not stop. Which is probably why I haven't allowed myself to start cleaning the little dirty spots I see hiding everywhere. I try to ignore them. Just look past them. Tell myself I will clean that later.

But today, with that power outage, I took on the bathroom. Bathtub drain needing cleaning, done. Sink drain, cleared and cleaned. Every time I have to take the stopper apart from the guts of the plumbing to clean the drain, I think ... what a crappy design! I have to take the entire guts of the sink apart to clean out hair/gunk from drain. Really?

Only a man, who doesn't actually have to worry about these minor details of every day living would design such a ridiculous drain system.

And speaking of ridiculous. I told my plumber years ago to design a toilet seat that we (the house cleaners) can detach from the bowl. I said, "you want to make a billion dollars? Design me a detachable toilet seat." I mean, really, how easy would that be? Just unscrew two little screwy things in the back of the lid, take it off, wash it in the bathtub, wash around the back where the lid was ... Come on! Toilet lid designers, get with it!

Went through every bottle of something and threw away stuff according to the expiration date. Combined "like" things, two half full bottles of baby shampoo (I keep for the dogs). Pulling out the travel version of something to take on my trip. 

So six hours of cleaning, I am almost done. A break to watch Nightly News and give my back a break. Just the bathtub left. Taking interior protective shower curtain liner to wash in the washing machine. I wash them, let them dry out a little outside. I also pour several pots of boiling water down the drains after I have thoroughly cleaned them. 

The spiders were a little surprised since they had taken up permanent residence in the corners. 

Tomorrow, I might take on the kitchen!


s'mee said...

Amen on that toilet seat idea, I think of that -every- single- day- when I'm cleaning it...drives an OCD person near to the edge! Also, to turn that billion into a trillion, how about getting rid of the tubular forms that follow the drain pipe of a toilet? I've seen toilets with completely flat sides, not nooks and swirling pipes to clean, just a smooth flat outer wall from bowl to floor... but they add about $150+ to the cost; really?
Good luck in the kitchen. My beef there is the tiny space between the counter and the stove...all kinds of stuff goes between the cupboards and the actual stove/oven...and who can pull out a stove to clean behind, beside, or underneath it?

Kim Carney said...

yeah, what is that all about back/down there. I literally have to get my head down in a corner to get all the dust/dirt and God only knows what else from those curves! Who said, yes, that is a great idea! Lets puts curves and swirls in the toughest place to reach on the toilet. Let's imagine how they will sweat cleaning around that!
Oh, the kitchen! Never have beadboard on cab doors. I told my husband NO when he said wouldn't that be nice. And when I agreed, I said .. you HAVE to help me keep that clean. Never once! Toothpicks and toothbrushes ... ;0

Darryl Iorio said...

“A detachable toilet seat”— well, that would be interesting! I’m sure in this era of innovation; concerned toilet makers could have their way with it in a couple of years. :) Also, there are natural alternatives that can be used in cleaning toilets. Borax and lemon juice can be useful for removing stains. Mix 4 oz. of borox and 2 fluid oz. of lemon juice until it becomes a paste-like substance. Leave the mixture on the toilet for an hour, and then scrub it.

Darryl Iorio