Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching up

I hate to hear the news about Nora Ephron. Don't you hate that we won't have any more treats to read from her? 

Ann Curry got voted off the island?  

I want this for my flower book ... especially want this for the grasses I have had the pleasure of smelling lately. 

It is suppose to be really hot today, but I think we dodge the heat bullet. We just left the area that is hit hard with heat. Waiting to hear the Supreme Court ruling ... what is wrong with this country. 

Spotted a small praying mantis swaying in the wind this morning. And had the most incredible firefly show last night. Hope to see a repeat performance tonight.

Trying to figure out how I will pay my bills on the road.

We might be  on the road a little longer than planned.

Wish I could have gone through this Folk Art museum we passed the other day. 

The Last Lightning Bug, 1999, Found materials, by Robert Morgan


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ELFI said...

un insecte extraordinaire!