Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Landed in Michigan

I hardly know what time it is, or what state we are in. ;) Okay, I do know we are right in the state lines of Michigan. We have been finding great deals at La Quintas ... what did we all do without smart phones to find the next hotel and call ahead, etc. I never truly appreciate my smartphone until I am in the car or traveling. Without it, I would be lost.

I think I have lost 10 lbs ... I will call it the RL diet. We drive and eat on the road. Just like the time I drove my mom to Texas and refused to stopped the car for a meal ... drive-throughs ... only! Mom always wanted to stop and sit at a table to eat. R and I prefer to eat in motion. I have been eating lots of hummus. So busy I have quit biting my nails. ;0 Drinking lots of water while I drive. The traffic is so light and manageable, I almost hate to say that ... in fear I might jinx us.

We planned on leaving Ohio and head over to Michigan around 3pm ... but ended up in the most beautiful farm country around Huron and Milan (Ohio) that we just decided to stay longer. I LOVE Milan! (OMG, I just discovered it is the birthplace of Thomas Edison)Adorable, neat town with a real town square. I am so fixated on the fireflies and wanted to see more of them at dusk. So we stayed a while longer and filmed some of them doing their green-glow magic. 

I have forgotten high humidity and sweat running down the small of your back. Frizzy hair. Longing to get back into the air conditioned car. 

Loved these manicured bushes.

I feel in love with this house. And could almost feel the history. I knocked on the door and realized the house was abandoned. Then saw it was for sale. Like the owner had passed away with no one to leave it to. Belongings in place at the house and now it was on the market. Almost perfect yard, with a few strong weeds growing through cracks in concrete. I will have to think about this house. I had a connection! Some emotional connection. Very weird.

On the way to Michigan.

Downtown Cleveland, great! Wonderful buildings! Wide streets!

Gotta go to sleep. No energy to write my nightly notes.


ELFI said...

je suis du même avis, cette maison est simple et jolie..
bon voyage...

Maxinetoo said...

I totally get your connection to this house. I had a similar experience in northern California years ago ... I happened upon a house in the middle of nowhere and have never forgotten it.