Monday, June 25, 2012


We landed early tonight in (somewhere's-ville) Kentucky. I had a dinner, and a couple of glasses of wine :) and a couple of hours of doing nothing. Air cooled down at dusk ... it almost felt cold outside ;) and all is great. As Robin says ... "we are blessed" ... I am finishing up corrections tonight and I think we are heading for West Virginia in the morning.

Talked to Matt tonight. Funny, I don't think I have ever been away from him this long or not talked to him in days and days, even when he was in summer camp. I LOVE Skype!

Lately, I keep forgetting to take photos for myself for blog.



Peruby said...

I don't care for Skype. Not sure why. My daughter moved to FL in March and we have not skyped once.

Not sure I know how old Matt is. Maybe if she were younger I would, but she is 21. She has never brought up the idea of Skype. I have but she didn't bite, so I dropped it.

Now texting - that's a whole different story.

Kim Carney said...

I use skype to have my uncle *see* my mom ... I love seeing my son when I am away. I skype my work partners but we dont usually turn on the video, just use it for talk and IM. But I really love it ;) Matt is 21 this year!