Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Morning (mom)

It is cool air this morning ... and I just had a great shower and splashed on some 4711. It feels wonderful to have clean hair and clothes. Today I have decided to wear Bryn Walker instead of the usual jeans (that stretch out in the waist that by the end of the day ... the are practically falling around my knees). 

So we are off to someplace ... not sure where this morning but headed towards the east coast. I think we are in W. Virginia right now, but not really sure about that.

Have I mention how incredibly nice everyone has been, in every place, at every door! 

Oh, and the wi-fi sucks in almost every hotel we have stayed at. I am not a patient person when it comes to loading pages ;0

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Maxinetoo said...

Good morning ... just caught up with your road blogs. I completely forgot you were gone. What a wonderful experience! Wish I was with you. Holler when you return. xoxo