Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We drove from Athens, OH to Maryland and what a beautiful drive! 

Got off the highway at Salem and Cumberland ... Salem, the cutest town ever! We are 30 minutes outside DC and have 2 days of shooting here. Salem had narrow streets and the kind of houses where the front door was practically on the road. It was very hilly, and you could tell the sidewalks/stairs were everywhere, very steep. I really loved that little town.

Oh, I was texting something and couldn't remember where we were, so called out to a guy standing by his truck, "is this West Virginia or Ohio?" And he said, "are you kidding?" and I said ... NO.

 I heard tonight that the weather is going to be very hot and very humid. Not looking forward to that. 

I really did not think I could find anything on the internet about this passage I saw ... but the compression of the layers of earth was so incredible, I almost had a wreck trying to figure it out. I think this is it, I will investigate more. Have 2 busy days ahead, must go to bed.

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ELFI said...

une église patriote!