Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday ramblings

I am watching crows break off bits of branches for their nest. I would love to watch them construct that in real time. They are such inventive little creatures. They must love the Liquid Amber twigs, long, strong but easily manipulated. There is one there now, hopping around, searching for the perfect twig to take. My question is ... when they all go off to roost (at 5pm everyday), do the ones with nest stay around here? I know they don't leave their nest. These are the questions that fill my head. (There, one flies off again, very busy this morning). I watch them gather at the slightest hint of danger, to protect their "clan". Dive bombing owls and eagles. They are really fascinating. 

The Olympics looking very gentle today. Purple mountains on a backdrop of slight blue sky, with a dusting of snow. Watch Dale Ireland's LIVE CAM of the Olympics from Silverdale, WA prospective. See Hurricane Ridge close and personal via webcam.

Saw this video on Times Goes By this morning and it reminds me of my scuba diving adventures. My most vivid memories are being engulfed by a school of minnows. Watching them dart and swim in unison, silver sparkle, it felt like being in the middle of a musical score. I wrote a poem about that experience and titled it Liquid Silver. I wonder where that poem is now?


Haven't had time to work in the studio lately. Need to get down there soon! So much to do, so little time. ;) Isn't that everyone's dilemma? Have a great weekend!

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