Saturday, March 03, 2012

Love it when that happens

Thought I would spend most of the day in the studio, but lost my momentum after a long phone call visiting with friend. 

Love it that the Hellebores are changing these amazing colors!

Hellebores, changing amazing colors!

I love it when I find little visitors with my macro lens! (I mean he is tiny!)

Little visitor

I love that these little pistols? have fallen from the Hellebores and are gently hanging out on the leaves.

I love it that Sean calls ME for help ;) And that we can figure out the problem on the phone. ;)  

Spent more time on Facebook today than I anticipated. But I had to announce to Twitter and Facebook what a jerk I think Rush is ... gosh, I will really love it when his career is OVER and we don't have to ever hear his name again.

Love it that Robin shot Pixel and me for her upcoming book, A Letter to my Dog. I looked fat, but Pixel looked great. ;)

Love that I almost have my art ready for a new product ... cut from acrylic! I am so excited to share!

Love it that Brantlers is now hanging at the Arts of Snohomish gallery!

Love it that Rick says we have turned Pixel into a wimp, that when we got her, she was a blank slate. (Of course, I blamed David).

Love it that we have more of Rick's free classes coming up next week and that I am finally working on my site. Just struggling how to break done my work for menu ... what I do, what I want to show? What I want to show of all the things I do? What is important to show? OMG, I completely get confused about that.

I love that I get to see my son at least twice a day. Not sure I would be sane if I didn't. ;)

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Kitchen-Dreams said...

I'm happy there are lots of great things happening for you right now! Love these photographs.