Friday, March 30, 2012

Dreaming big

There is that moment, right after you buy your lotto ticket, driving home, you can dream about so many far-out things. It is hope, or wishful hopes. Thoughts of extraordinary generosity because you have it to give away!  Wouldn't that be the most fun of winning that much money, giving it away?

It is fun, exhilarating. I dream about all the money I will give my friends, organizations. About the compound in Montana I have dreamed of forever. The house has a Indian totem in the entrance, a great room and huge kitchen. Then satellite bedrooms. As many of my friends, moms friends that want to be there. A vegetable garden. A really big studio for all of us artist. 

And then, there is the trip D and I will take to Paris with the kids. We always considered going but never without experiencing it with our son. I think we would take a quick trip there. I would drive my same old truck and not much else would change.

And the most fun of all ... is dreaming about all the possibilities. It is worth a couple of dollars. :)

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