Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A loud distraction

Working since first light getting my Microsoft revisions complete. Have a logo to work on next. Need to go to the printer to ask some "printing on vellum bags" questions. Found a site that prints on tape! Going to call them to get the scoop on that wonderful product for a client.

Trying not to let my brain fall into a deep, black hole of despair. More meds, I ask myself? I think if I just take a shower and run errands (grocery store, Home Depot for more liquid nails, wood for a small cabinet I started yesterday) that I might feel a little better. Get in my truck and drive some place. I sometimes think, I must have really made God mad at me, then try to think of what I might have done.

 A great distraction just occurred. A raucous crowd of about 100+ of crows collected two blocks away. Deafening calls, brought crows from blocks away. Could see them flying up with purpose from the window by the computer. They gathered, called, dive-bombed ... protecting their own. I could finally see the reason of all this distress with my binoculars. An owl just sitting on the roof top of a house. This went on for 30+ minutes. The owl probably gave up. I know many people (like my neighbors) do not like crows. I find them highly entertaining. Funny, smart, inquisitive, ingenious, really. They seem so loyal to their group. When one of them is in distress, it doesn't take but a couple of minutes for them all to rally to the cause. I watch them every dusk to go roost ... tempted to follow them and see exactly where that it. These are the silly questions that fun through my head. :)


Kate I said...

I love crows too Kim...they're so intelligent and I believe their social structure is quite highly evolved...perhaps more than we realize.

Your artwork...especially the Brantlers and bird wonderful. Love the playfulness with the Brantlers! I also love how you're embracing all this creativity that bubbles up, and just let it flow. You don't put a lid on it with a mountain of doubts, which is something I've struggled with.

Thanks too for the heads up re: Rick's Wordpress course...I'm slow and it's taking a lot of time for me to absorb it all, but I'm so glad I signed up for it!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Kate!!
My mom would feed the crows her left over breakfast every morning at the same time, and they would come and wait. Knowing the time and what was coming! If the bread or cracker was too hard, they dipped it in the water. I love watching the "kids" follow the parents around squawking loudly for food or attention.

Thank about the art. I am really trying to build and make some of the things I have been dreaming of. And not get down about anything else. As my husband told me this morning HAVE FUN AND DON'T WORRY.


I am soooo glad you like Rick's class. I take many online classes and I really enjoy Rick. He is real and sometimes stern, but so smart and generous with his time. I need to take this class over and over just to retain the information. Sometimes I listen to the videos so long that I get a headache! ;0 But it is worth so I can continue to build/learn how to make my own websites.

Mom just made the most delicious salad, and I am trying to type and eat ;) xoxo