Sunday, March 25, 2012

Concentric thoughts

Kariann (author of one of my favorite blogs, Daily Poetics) ask me today on collection, "Bowled Over" on Pinterest, why we are so fascinated by nesting bowls? Why are we drawn to the images and why do they catch our imagination? Sooth our spirit? Is it something in our DNA? Subconscious? While I was drinking my coffee, watching the dogs poop and listening to the birds sing, I was thinking about my obsession with concentric circles  ... tree rings, vector patterns, water ripples, a maze, mandalas (wholeness of the Self), zen gardens, Fibonacci Numbers, solar system, prehistoric art, aboriginal art, Kandinsky's circles for color of souls, cycles in nature.

Mom and I were watching Rick Steves last night special on Iran and he highlighted many beautiful mosque, like Isfahan. Intricate tiled art found in mosque is no accident that those patterns create a soothing place of prayer and meditation. The math that produces mesmerizing patterns . We oohed and aahed for an hour. This is a great piece "The Tiles of Infinity" and Modularity in Medieval Persian Mosaics. More beautiful images of Islamic Heritage.

Have some fun with Flower Maker by zefrank.

Maths and art: the whistlestop tour by Lewis Dartnell.

Some Concentric Circles meanings as to their relationship of life. Leave you with some images for thought.

Ok, so I am probably not smart enough to understand some of these things, but it does get my mind thinking in a bigger realm. Makes me step outside my depression for a minute and think in larger ideas. Curiosity is a marvelous thing. Now, I have to go back to work. ;) xoxoxo


Maxinetoo said...

This makes my heads spin because I too am not smart enough to understand but I find it sofascinating. There's a new Keifer Sutherland TV show where he plays the father of a gifted an unusual son who understands the Fibonacci numbers.

Kim Carney said...

I saw the premiere, cant wait to see the rest!

Maxinetoo said...

P.S. I clearly cannot spell today and I really don't have more than one head. :)

Kim Carney said...

oh, i didnt notice you had two heads ... can you show me the other one next time you are over?

LindaCO said...

I LOVED this post. Agreed, something about how the parts interact but yet stay part of a whole. Wonderful images.