Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Saturday to ya!

The daffodils are hanging their heads in shame of all the rain we are having. Despite it, the birds are singing their hearts out this morning. I have so much work to do today, I have no idea what I am doing on the internet! But I have been rounding up some things I love today. I really have the *i wants* today.

Falling in love with a blog is weird, right? But I have fallen for this one, The Blue Lantern

Heart Pin Collection by Pat Flynn.

Amazing textiles and painted cabinets by Lucas Risé (of course, the man himself is gorgeous). 


National Geographic's Photo of the Day. And I would love to photograph these beautiful interiors like, Jordi Canosa.

Guus Oosterbaan's Robox is a series of 9 storage boxes for kids. My idea is to create storage boxes that are fun to look at. Instead of boxes with repetitive motives, Robox create big robots which can be part of kids play (my kids find it very amusing to build robots that are much taller than themselves and then knock them over while shouting super-hero stuff). 

 In my dream of dreams, this is how I want my Christmas to look and feel

When I am virtually traveling, I want to visit Lake Assal (photo by adelinemmc) and Djibouti. And I want to dress like these women in Namibia. Go see more of what I would like to be wearing on my Pinterest. And fascinating stuff, Something naturally curious.

I want Thorsten Buehrmann job

I want to be Rosemary's dog, Webster! More fun dog stuff on my Pinterest.


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Victoria Redshaw said...

Thanks for the link through to our blog feature on Lucas' cabinets Kim! I recently also posted a quickfire interview with Lucas Rise in our blog's special members area. His new website (dedicated to his latest textile & surface pattern design collections) will be launching soon!
All the best-