Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkins, With a Natural Twist

I am featured on the Blog of the Day at EdmondsPatch for my post on Pumpkins, With a Natural Twist. How fun is that? It is thanks to my husband for editing my piece "for public consumption". ;)

A little snippet from the post: I love to add decorations right from nature. A walk around the neighborhood can inspire all kinds of spooky ideas. Large, sugar maple leaves (or any leaves with a long, sturdy stem) make a great lion's mane. Carrots make devilish horns (they look better as they shrivel up). Boxwood trimmings can form crowns. You can add fallen branches with leaves or use toothpicks for teeth. I’ve wound up clematis vines for beehive hair-dos and attached sweetgum seedpods for warts. With garden snips in hand, the possibilities are endless. Pre-punch holes in the pumpkin surface for natural decorations like leaf stems, sticks and branches and pull them through from the inside. It’s fun and easy for the kids.


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meggiecat said...

Your Brantlers are permanent versions of this inspiration. You have a unique talent....finding or making beauty of most anything.