Sunday, October 09, 2011

Presentation is key

I spent all day Saturday figuring out, cutting and building my displays for Brantlers at Greenlake Chocolati Café. It is a small space so I wanted them to compact and easy to hang. Not hang them individually and add many more nail holes in the walls. I used some wood that a friend had given me ages ago. 

I also wanted to add a way for folks to 'take a business card' if they wanted ... and added a bent nail and cup hook to accommodate cards. I decided to add a description, etc on another page, tacked it up like a 'wanted poster'. All and all I am very happy with them. 

I finally! made a large Brantlers (10.5 inches) yesterday. I have envisioned this larger version for so long that I almost cried when I finished it. This was my vision! This is what I had wanted to do (only larger). It took me making many small versions, figuring out the process, making mistakes,  putting the key holes in the wrong place, etc., to finally feel like it was time to tackle the larger one.

I made 4 large skulls but only had time to finish one. It was a full day and my legs are really feeling the 'standing on them all day' vs. 'sitting at the computer'. I kept asking my family, "do you really think people will 'get' them", "do you think people will like them"? As anything project you look at and work on too long, you start questioning the final product. 

I had my business cards and small tags made ... but decided not hang the tags on each Brantler. 

I really have had a blast yesterday. Now, I need to focus on real work today. 



Anonymous said...

Love,love them!!!

LindaSonia said...

I think your presentation looks fabulous! Very creative and enjoyable on the eyes!

Is this going to be like an exhibit only or will you be offering them for sale?

Not sure what you're hoping to accomplish with these creations, if anything, or maybe the process of creation was the goal, but whatever, I'm wishing you all the very best with them!! They're great!

Dorian Fletcher said...

Your Brantlers are fab and your display piece spot on! The grab and go biz cards worked out great. Good luck in sales! said...

Looks really pulled together and professional. Yes, the cards are so important! Love how you included them. The Brantlers are a bit whimsical, people need that now. I predict a successful show : ) Oh wow, just checked out the updated website - looks fantastic Kim!

Shelley Noble said...

Perfectly presented, Kim! I love the Logo you designed and the way you've used the weathered wood as their setting. You are so multi-talented!

I think customers should buy the whole lot to display them all together. They look so charming like that.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you! Thank you. I think they fit in the space .. which is rather small. Keeping them contained on a board helped, I think. I watched a few people come in to order coffee and most didn't even notice the art change .. I suspect 10 percent of folks walking in will get them ... but 10 percent is better than nothing! Thank you for commenting and supporting me in my effort ... success in at least finishing my weekend project!

Erin Wilson said...

Will you be selling them through the website? I see lovely product shots there, but no prices (last I looked).