Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I made a pattern the other day for a blog asking to submit patterns to represent where you live ... I did a couple and then forgot about it. I will be damned if I can find that blog again. But here were my patterns.

I really love Subtle Patterns.

bittbox The Power (and ease) of Patterns in Illustrator and the wonderful Freebie Gallery 

I am a card-carrying member of  spoon graphics, great background, tutorials, he has some great freebies too 

How To Create a Trendy Seamless Pattern in Illustrator at Web Design Library  

A Pattern That Always Fits But Never Repeats from Tokolo - this is a must see wonderful idea. Below.

I have a couple of my favorites of late ... you can download an CS 4 AI file-pdf here (on my website where I can store pdfs). Free for personal or commercial use. I only ask that you do no distribute the file as you own. If you would rather have a repeating jpg or png ... leave me a comment and I can add those too.

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Erin Wilson said...

I totally love these patterns. Have you ever done something with Spoonflower? These would make the most amazing fabric prints.