Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Plug me into Plug-ins

I was very busy on my unscheduled time off from my freelance gig. Contracts ... took 3 weeks to get the t's crossed, i's dotted. But I used that time wisely. Well, "wisely" in that I learned a lot about Rick's BYOB WEBSITES, new plug-ins. I feel like I crammed a semester's worth of work into one week.

This was our first makeover. Sean is a DJ and has lots of great testimonials, and videos so it made it easy to pull a lot of interesting content together. We have been working together to get it up and running, quickly. Coordinating his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ... everything DJ Productions is matching, up and running! Ready for Sean to start blogging and adding new photos of all his events! Oh, and go check out his fun little flash headphones. ;)

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