Sunday, September 26, 2010


Nature had a wonderful program on Cuba, The Accidental Eden. These little tree snails might become a necklace, therefore extinct because of us? I don't get that.

And speaking of something I have never gotten my head around --- is why we want to buy dead, dried seahorses. I have seen the for sale in all kinds of places and it makes me sick to my stomach every time! I took a Ice Resin class at Ben Franklin's with a friend yesterday. And there, for all of us to purchase were packaged dead seahorses. When I asked if they were resin reproductions, we found out they were not. I have never understood why we want to buy one delicate seahorse to take home and save in our collection of crap or make into jewelry. If we just refuse to buy them, maybe, no one would go kill them for such purposes. Just think about that. Please. Sorry, I seem to be on my soap box today.

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