Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello art studio

Hello, art studio. Remember your ole pal, Kim? It has been a long time but you know I have been really busy, preoccupied. Those are not good excuses for putting our relationship in jeopardy.  I should be expanding our quality time instead of sticking my head in a computer all day. I promise you, I will visit at least once a day!

It only took me 4 years to finally add these little label plates to my drawers. Have wanted to do that since the day I bought them at Target, so many years ago. Cleaned them out, sorted, actually threw away a few things. Which makes me feel better about my fears of being a 'hoarder'. The odd thing was stumbling across my previous work business cards and realizing I didn't need those anymore. It was a small reality check moment and I had a quiet cry with myself.

added label holders, it only took me 4 years

I LOVE this HOBART Steel 50- Drawer Cabinet. Isn't it perfect? Or this Sealey 36 Drawer Metal Cabinet Storage Box. Okay, maybe those cabinets for for real hoarders, or even worse, "container hoarders" (which I certainly am not!)

Cleaned up my small bottle collection. I need to edit that down. (Little voice in my head saying "hoarder".)

small bottle collection

I also started painting the spice rack I bought to display my "sand/dirt" collection. (Be quiet little voice, I am not a hoarder.) I have them in small bottles, I think it will be wonderful. I really forget how good it feels to have a paintbrush in my hand, the smell of paint! Another sweatshirt, succumbed to acrylic paint. A drill, love working in the garage. In short, I had a great day away from my computer.

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Maxinetoo said...

The drawers look great. Hugs from a fellow hoarder. If I put anything else in my loft, it will come crashing through to the room below. :)