Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the cards

I think I have mentioned that I collect playing cards. I dream of designing my own. I have the ideas. But when I run across them on the internet, I can't help but stop and window shop!

Cards designed by Thomas Crehore, below.

Playing-card Societies, a great resource.

Discount playing cards at CarnivalSource.com, really fun ones like Bandage-Shaped Playing Cards. Know any card-playing person in the medical profession that needs a fun gift?

You can get lost in this site, Custom 52, a place where artist design Playing Cards, I especially like, “The King Of Life” Adrian Garcia. The Soviet Mayan Playing Cards. These fabulous 1880 Nursery Rhyme Playing Cards.

Interesting history of Playing Card Design at The World of Playing Cards.

Yes, I need these 2008 Playing card deck by P22 type foundry. Joy for the eyes.


M. said...

Great post — I love playing cards too! Do you know the ones by Sonia Delaunay, definitely a favourite of mine...


Maxinetoo said...

So cool. I didn't know you hoarded playing cards too. :) xoxo

Kim Carney said...


jill said...

I do love me some playing cards as well. I loved that last site... dragging them over the eye. I was drawn to the brightly colored ones!! I love that both of my grandmothers taught me to play so many different games! (except for Bridge)

ps... that was some funky spam or whatever on FB earlier, I didn't send you any note!

Anonymous said...

You should check out these transformation cards: