Friday, September 24, 2010

Frills and pearls

Maggie Austin's portfolio of delicious cake creations is making my mouth water. Via SIMPLESONG.


jill said...

Ohhh so pretty! The one with the pearls reminds me of the cake I was so hoping for my own wedding. I showed the baker a picture clipped from a MStewart magazine with tiny sugar pearls similar to this one (more haphazard and actually all different sizes up to bubble size) but what I got was all the pearls made out of the buttercream icing. So, in other words it looked more like "blotches." I called it my diseased cake. :( But it did taste good, so I guess that is all that matters!!

Kim Carney said...

But see, blotchy cake, it is a better story ;)
Hope you are doing okay!