Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have never really done a "look book" before but had an opportunity to conceptualize for office interior (it fell through before it even started) but while I was driving around yesterday, I had three ideas and ran home to write it all down (on photoshop) before I forgot. This is one I put together called "Sunny Spot in the Sun". Green carpet, white walls, colorful chairs, a vertical garden?,  colorful sculpture on the wall, maybe a stencil happy quote. My others were "River and Rocks", "Tree-mendous" Anyway, it was fun, even if it didn't pan out.

So while my life seems uncertain ... my wonderful son is blossoming! He has a job that he really enjoys. Comes home and talks for hours about what in that job. He opened a checking account, alone. Applied for community college, alone. His first day at school was today and he came home, excited and full of promise. Gosh, that makes me feel good and proud. He is such a grounded kid. He has insights into people's character that I amaze me. (He even rises in the morning on his own volition -- AND THAT is a first!)

On a thrift store note -- Mom usually finds herself the perfect pair of pants, or a top for 99 cents. Today, she found me an adorable long, wool, cardigan for 99 cents. A woman told my mom at water aerobics today -- "you arrive looking like an average housewife (before makeup) and go out looking like a movie star". If you knew my mom, you know this is true.

Mom made bread pudding tonight!

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Maxinetoo said...

This is so cool; sorry it didn't work out. Yay for Matt and I can just picture your Mom. :)