Friday, September 19, 2008

Under The Sea

Enough about doom and gloom and out shrinking 401k's. Here is something uplifting.

Australian scientists discover brilliant soft corals, tiny crustaceans on reefs.

A must see -- plankton,, jellyfish photos by Phillip Colla Natural History Photography of Oceanlight which also has a wonderful blog.

Nananu-i-Ra Island, amazing Fiji Ocean photography. Wow, Mike Hohman's undwerwater photography makes you feel like you are there.

Ctenophore here and here. All about reefs. If I had some place to put them, I could buy a few of these beautiful hard corals. Jules Verne's 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (1868).

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Tara Ross Studios said...

I love the first one, I should draw him!