Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quiet Morning

It is quiet. It is grey. I woke early to rain and cold. Alas, fall has arrived a couple of days early. Seems we didn't have time before the rain to have a dinner in the backyard. At least we finished most of our outdoor projects before fall rains. And speaking of rain ...

the rain has come

Reading about Hurricane Ike ravaging coastal Texas Deryn Mentock. I was so close to it at work, I really haven't taken the time to read bloggers account of this disaster. The photos coming out of Texas are tragic. People's homes washed away. It took a back seat to the financial mess this week, but they are still in a disaster mode in Texas!

Reading about Charming Exchange on Other Peoples Flowers. Looks like a fun, resourceful book. I wish I could take this class. Jewelry Challenge - Project Photos, should get your heart racing.

Crafty Storage via Ruth Rae's beautiful My Creative Soul.

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Deryn Mentock said...

Thank you for mentioning me Kim. You're right, there are a lot of people in Texas still suffering. Many without power or water right here in Houston, not to mention those on the coast who lost nearly everything. It's been a rough week!