Sunday, September 21, 2008

Season Finale

The yard is teaming with birds this morning, chirping, singing, darting around. I am sure they feel the change in the air. Flicker, Stellar's Blue, the ever present Crows waiting for a handout, Chickadee, Sparrow, Junco, Wren. I thought I saw a Vireo ... maybe passing through? I do see a Hummingbird at the Honeysuckle throughout the summer. My favorite visitors are a tight flock of small birds, scoop in as one, move as one and move out. I think they are Pine Siskin. Bird Web, Washington State Birds. Paul Bannick bird photography.

The garden is changing. Summer season finale soon. Bolting and turning. Grapes almost ready to harvest. I love all seasons, each having a special beauty. I enjoy the chill of fall air. Colors that make me laugh out loud in my car while driving under them or watching leaves swirl in a ballet of yellow to the ground. Discovering exotic seed pods. Exposed branches ... a work of art. But it is bittersweet ... I know it will be months before big blossoming flowers, the scent of sweet peas and honeysuckle made sweeter by a hot sun.

geranium. season finale

geranium. season finale

The best part of cutting cilantro and peppermint, the lingering smell on my fingers. ;) Oh and I should mention the sweet little metal vase I purchased at Salvage Studio ... yes, Tara and I went there for a third consecutive Saturday and spent money ;0. Decided to pick up more type to make myself a new banner. Thanks Salvage Studio, but having the neatest things.

cilantro, season finale


beth, lisa and amy said...

Kim...your new banner rocks! love it! and the vase looks so sweet with those lovely cilantro blossoms in it. What a delight! -- Lisa

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Lisa! You guys rock ;)

Tara Ross Studios said...

love your new banner!!!!!!!!

You are so poetic today. :>;


the camp said...

i want to gobble those pink buds up! i so wish you had been at squam. one day we are going to meet up, and liz and judy will be there too. judy was bragging all over you and your art. i was agreeing all over her words.

one day my friend, we are going to paint it up.

oh....also truly dig the new banner.


Amy said...

I love the new banner!