Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rushing By

(My life) rushing by ... I want to be that woman I see sitting at the coffee shop reading the paper or a book or writing in a journal. She doesn't look like she feels the need to rush off any place. I have only sat at coffee shop like that once in the last 20+ years. Or my neighbor whose company allows her to work full-time from home and still gets a new company car every year. She looks happy and relaxed. I want that look. I don't want to feel that every day I reach to turn off my alarm at 4:30 am, that it could be tomorrow or yesterday ... it is all a continuous trip around the hamster wheel. Know what I mean?

(my life) rushing by


Rachel said...

Yes, I know that feeling. I took on shooting video a few months ago, happy to be making content, in addition to my usual editing gig. But it is IN ADDITION to everything else. Extra time isn't comped and I've got the other headaches of the commute and everything else in life. My time in the news biz may be coming to an end as buyouts are being offered and out paper is threatening to sell. I'm sad about that but also wonder if my life will be different and better without it.

Tara Ross Studios said...


smiles,,,,,,,hang in there!

lisa.hilderbrand said...

I also know the put it into words beautifully.

Scott W said...

Once when I was in fear of financial difficulties I wrote 'My Ideal Life' in outline form. I listed what I did from waking to going to bed at night, what I listened to, what I ate, who I saw, every little detail. I then put it in a plastic sleeve and tacked it to the front of my house so the Universe could come and read it any time. Things changed from that day. The fear went away.

I knew that for 50+ years I had put my head on the pillow and had everything I needed for that day and why, now that I am working a spiritual program, would I be dropped? From that I had a faith that my life would unfold as it needed to if I did the next right and loving thing. That I did not ask for anything from a Higher Power, but instead only gave thanks for what I have and what I am to receive.

Today my life is different.