Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"My" Dailies, Not "Their" Dailies

430a: I turn off the alarm and sleep for 10 more minutes, get up a turn off coffee. Dash to the bathroom to get my 10 minutes in before Matt wakes up at 5a and takes over bathroom. Quickly dress in whatever isn't completely wrinkled, drink coffee while I check email/surf internet, look at news for 10 minutes while I try and wake up before I start driving a car ... leave my house by 520a. The air smells really fresh. I listen to KUOW driving to get a sense of the news that is about to be my day. Traffic not so bad this early.

6a: At work now, turn on cable news, read email and checking site before 7a budget meeting where each section checks in with their top/new stories of the day. Back to my desk around 7a looking over request from meeting and start an illustration. Talk to someone about setting up a Group Hub for our department. Chase down some things going wrong. Look up an opthamologist is for myself and Matt ... my eyesight is going fast. I noticed the other day trying to shoot something couldn't focus my eyes in the view finder. Oh, crap, forgot to call home to check on insulation people

8a: I am starving. Eat granola/yogurt at desk. Lots more work. Finishing illustration and making graphics for grid label art.

See's Chocolate on the free table, I have a piece for lunch. Going to work until 130p … I want to leave a little early to go home a shoot a couple of pieces for business and a little guy with a camera. Decided to brave 520 and head out for Ballard to run through Archie McPhee’s, looking for any funny “little people” … get some fun stuff. I am feeling a little sick all of a sudden at Archies ... spend a little more time than expected in the toilet.

Home by 330p, drive my mom to get a document notarized, talk with Ron who is painting the house, do a final walk-through. My light is fading, must shoot.

Matt comes home with Bri, then they take off to the beach after I quiz them about school and homework and get a quick report on new classes. Set up my gear to shoot the art. Laura comes over to borrow truck. Mom is cooking dinner. I am not feeling so good. I shoot many before I get a few good ones … light is fading. Go through about 50 shots, clean up and get them ready to take to work tomorrow Must quit now.

Matt and Bri get home. Matt is complaining about his wrist, he thinks he had cracked a bone. I give him an ice pack. Picking at dinner (Mom made Mexican) while filling out paperwork for Matt’s Oral Surgery appointment tomorrow and talk about his Dr. appt the day after. Begging him to practice his trombone before his dad gets home.

810p: taking a shower now so I can get to bed in 45 minutes. Really feeling quite ill now. God, I have not time to be sick.

(The next day I called in sick ... must have been the See's chocolate I had for lunch)...

So I did this last week after reading Camilla's blog post on The Dailies (her entry), then reading lots more and thinking CRAP my life is boring. It was depressing, really! The rest of the bloggers seem to have a life. It feels like I drive to work, work, drive home from work and go to bed. Without an invitation, I thought, I will document my day ... alas, I had no time to take photos. Well, My Daily didn't have the look and feel of any one else's Daily ... No glamour, walking, drinking lattes ... free coffee from our kitchen is about as close as I get to that. Sometimes we have a couple of dogs visit the office. Hello, have I lost you? Are you as bored as I am? So I will share one of the many things I shot, this one they didn't happen to like (I really liked the idea). You should go read the others for some true inspiration on real living!


JJO said...

Don't beat yourself up Kim; most everyone's days are the same and mundane.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you for that jjo! I guess I need to hear that sometimes. ;)

jill said...

I guess it's what they say... The Grass is Greener!! The fact that you get to be "creative" at work is so cool to me. I know you don't think of it that way, because it's NOT your idea of creative, but to me it DOES sound like a cool day. The interaction you have with your kid and getting to eat with your family all sounds awesome!!

Maybe I will try this as well, and I can bet you money mine will be MORE mundane than yours!! ho hum.

Kim Carney said...

Jill ... well the fact that you read that entry and didn't doze off gives me some hope that my life is beyond boredom ;) I guess you are right, the grass is always greener. You are RIGHT that my son makes my day very bright ;)
Ok, going over to see if you have done yours yet ;0