Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cleaning Up And Out

I remember meeting a woman at an antique mall years ago, selling a lifetime of found treasures. She seemed unmoved and matter-fo-fact on the point of discarding her wonderful things and my heart ached for her. She told me "you spend the first half of your life collecting and the last half getting rid of it". I didn't quite understand it that day. But I am starting to know what she meant that day. Along with some friends, we have a booth at Waterfront Antiques where I have decided to part with some of my partial collections. One being Franciscan Tiempo set. But then I photograph them, I say, can I really part with them? (Tagged them and took them to booth).

So I spent all last night and this morning cleaning up the art studio to get ready for window installation. That means I have to move all the crap in front of the windows away ;0 I ask where? To move all of that stuff seems almost impossible. So I have taken a personal day tomorrow to be here and oversee, make sure all is out of the way of their work.

Katie really knows how to throw a party for a one-year-old. Just got back and all full from ribs and brisket. Now, back to studio, cleaning and moving.

Colors of fall.

tiempo for fall

fall color



Abby Anderson said...

Such a cute set of kitchenware! And I LOVE the colors in the last one. They're gorgeous and stunning.

ccerruti said...

Love the seed pod image! Beautiful!

phlegmfatale said...

Cleaning out and letting things go is liberating, an evolution of sorts. But it's a progression that comes with real growing pains. In the end, however beautiful, it's all only stuff, and not souls. Our collections are expressions to others of how we see ourselves, and as we get older, we are more secure and have no need to get that message across: the more important fact is that we come to understand ourselves.

I love you, Kim. Life's been a mad rush. Yeah, I'm trying to declutter, too. The divorce was Monday, and I wasn't in the courtroom a full five minutes before it was over and done. Oddly anticlimactic. Sad.