Saturday, September 06, 2008

Running Errant

Bought food and wine for party for tomorrow night, Baby shower present for later today, found birthday present (and found good Xmas present for friend on sale), a quick walk through Edmonds Market and the large vintage car show taking over our little downtown, stopped by The Salvage Studio where I found a great, vintage, fun Christmas present for D and a few "small" things for myself (see below), bought a very cute linen shirt at the Senior Citizens Center thrift store for $3.00! Oh, and The Salvage Studio is having a charm making class next week ... need to check if I can go. And of course, their blog. At market saw Bemused Creations (love her stuff), Hydrangea design and Hookn beads.

ds3My new vase(s)

vintage car show

Just looked up to see Yoko's shadow outside through the plastic. Off to shower, wrap presents and start cleaning house for my uncle and aunt visit on Tuesday.

yoko painting


jill said...

That old rusty metal thing..? You kill me! Even that is stunning looking with the dainty daisy's and great image from your camera!

You have such an EYE!!

Kim Carney said...

thank you Jill! I have been wanting something just like that and couldnt believe it when I saw it (for $6) ... I can add more test tubes or take away, thinking something dried for the winter ;)

meggiecat said...

Geeze, girl, I feel as though I move at the pace of a slug when I see that you are a whirlwind of activity!

Jeri said...

My 16 year old son and I were at the Saturday market in Edmonds, too. The car show was wonderful. I came home with a beautiful $5 bouquet, a flat of blueberries, and 2 lbs of flavored Hazelnuts (one each of Ranch and Honey Lemon) mmmm. Got a nice frap at Starbucks on the corner, saw Rick Steeves mingling in the crowd, and had such a nice morning alone with my son. I can't believe he went, but I'm so glad he did. He made my morning, and I think he really enjoyed himself, too. He's a junior at MDHS (Go Mavs!)

beth, lisa and amy said...

Kim...the flowers look gorgeous in that repurposed drill bit holder (I think that is what it is). Beth is one clever girl. We love Bemused Creations...we were lucky to have her in our charm swap at the salvage studio...yummy! See you soon! -- Lisa