Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yellow Dog Democrat

I might be jaded because I am a yellow dog democrat. Were you not moved by Gore's speech and the Obama speech? Great thoughts. Bridging the gap of party lines and attempting to bring this country inline with what we need to cope with in the future. Inspirational and full of hope, ideas and direction. Tonight, I am proud to be an American.

Democratic National Convention


Lesley said...

Yes Gore spoke extremely well. A real statesman. And didn't he look - um - presidential? It is SUCH a shame that events prevented his becoming president.
And it's a shame, too, that he didn't run this time, though Obama is a great candidate. And what a speaker — fantastic!
(Humble opinion from a non-citizen here! Sorry to butt in! I've so enjoyed the week of convention coverage.)

Kim Carney said...

Lesley, it has been an exciting convention. I agree about Gore ... on to the RNC !

Scott W said...

I am a yellow dog, too.