Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gifts In The Mail!

We got a surprise package from Ruth today. She sent mom a fabulous ring from Silpada with interchangeable colored glass orbs.

my fab mom

mom's new ring

She also sent us our favorite cologne that mom and I are addicted to for an after-shower-splash. We are totally out to the point where we were rummaging through each other's bathroom trying to find out if the other had a "stash". I got my favorite Danish Wedding cookies that I can not buy in WA state (what is wrong with this state?). She also sent me a Frankoma sugar bowl in the wagon wheel design to match the teapot that Katie had given me.

So to make my day complete ... have spent the entire day pruning, severely pruning the clematis to ready the house for painting. You know the clematis will grow all the way to the roof! Haven't pruned it in many years (note to self -- prune clematis every OTHER year). Remember how wonderful it looked? Well, now it looks terrible. I am hoping I haven't killed it! Will need to cut the honeysuckle down. So with the hydrangeas all but gone this year. No honeysuckle or clematis. I am not feeling sad about that! Must be done, painting the house next week.

cut clematis

Clematis Blooming

Tomorrow, volunteer to work at the Mountaineers headquarters with our neighbors at 8am. Celebrate Matt's birthday with a brunch (he wants to have eggs benedict). Birthday party for another friend at 1pm ... then must go to bed early. Going back to work Monday 6am! Trying to head off to an office party right now.

I think to avoid complete confusion, we are going to have a birthday dinner at home for Matt next week, with cake and his girlfriend, Bri.


jill said...

OMG... I have some Frankoma Pottery as well! I've been in love with it for sometime. I have a set of dinner plates and an ashtray and a mug. LOVE IT. I'm dying over your little set there! AWESOME. I love the raw glazed look, been a fan for some time now.


star said...

that ring is gorgeous! and what a great idea! love!

LindaSonia said...

Your mamacita is fabulous looking!!! and I love love love that ring! LindaSonia

Sweet Thing said...

wow! the georgeous ring looks like this one tiffany inspired sterling silver sugar stack ring aquamarine. I just bought mine last week, it is similar?