Tuesday, August 12, 2008


After the back looked great with the new walkways completed ... we had to take it one step further and completely mess is all up again.

D and I decided we needed to pressure wash the deck and re-stain. While D was renting the pressure washer, I guess he decided the grass should be thatched ... so thatching, racking, reseeding in progress. He also decided while thatching the front yard that we needed to dig out a part the yard that doesn't get sun and put down another walkway.

Trying to get estimates for blowing insulation in the walls before the house gets painted, which will all happen in the next two weeks. The next couple of days, M and I will re-staining the deck. Wow, did I say I was on vacation.

Between some of this, I am trying to do some of my own art, some sewing, cleanup the sewing room. Day 4, vacation!


Tara Ross Studios said...

ok, but we still want to see the new pathways.

Grandma PMC said...

I know it was winter but I don't recall a deck in the backyard - did it like Topsy just appear. The fancy trim below the windows doesn't ring a bell either. I guess we'll have to come back and start an investigation. Don't panic we don't have tickets yet. Luvyall

Amy said...

i need a nap after reading about all that activity!

Anonymous said...

Good grief Kim ... I knew you couldn't just do fun stuff on your days off! :) Hope you get in a little fun, creative time!