Saturday, August 16, 2008

Royal Fun

It wasn't that hot yesterday, but hot enough to tempt me to take to the sofa, under a fan and near the TV. Mom and I spent the day watching most of The Tudors, Season 2. We found it on Showtime (thank you, Dee). During the heat, we powered through most of Season 2. What fun! Okay, let me clarify. What fun to watch, but man, I wouldn't want to be a woman living and trying to survive in those times. I fear I wouldn't have kept my head for long.

Royal Jewels of the World

Royal Portraits

History of the Monarchy.

Royal Magazin - Jewellery and Treasure of Royals and Aristocracy

The Royal Collection, "Shaped by the personal tastes of kings and queens over more than 500 years, the Royal Collection includes paintings, drawings and watercolours, furniture, ceramics, clocks, silver, sculpture, jewellery, books, manuscripts, prints and maps, arms and armour, fans, and textiles."


Momma Pajama said...

Hi Kim!
I suggest you go see the Impressionist show at SAM now - a great way to spent a few hours in the air conditioning!

dee said...

Oh thank you so much for the links. Just the perfect thing to take my mind off other stuff.