Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hard Cuts

My weekends and time off this summer have been consumed with home repair and upgrades and this weekend is no different. Ron has been waiting for the weather to cooperate to start pressure washing, prepping for painting. We cleared the house (even more) and made the hard "cut" on the honeysuckle. With the clematis looking very sad, Japanese anenomes trampled to the ground, the backyard looks naked and still a mess. I am thinking we won't be able to have even one dinner out there before the rains come! But these things must be done. I helped scrap old paint so I could survey the damage ;( We picked out a couple of colors. D painted some plywood so we could make that final decision today. Insulation blown in, check. Replacing basement windows, check. Deck restained, check. Lawns thatched and reseeded, check. Most bushes pruned, check. Firewood split, check. Paint house ... check, if the weather holds up.


hard cuts

I do still have hydrangeas blooming, that is a comfort.

still blooming


LindaSonia said...

WoWie you guys have been INDUSTRIOUS!! and ok a few sacrifices now, but just think how FABULOUS the whole scene will look come spring!! Great Job!!! LindaSonia

Anonymous said...

Your flagstone path is beautiful (as is the parts of your backyard that I've seen in the photos) .. you're just in the thick of things right now and probably don't realize how good it all looks to the rest of us!