Sunday, August 03, 2008

Learning From The Garden

12 hours later, we are done with the backyard for tonight after being out there since 8 this morning. Finally got all the little black rocks in the walkway. Everything re-potted in larger pots, laid waste and trimmed everything to the tune of a full back of the truck. My fingers are dirty. My back hurts. And I am so glad that it is all almost finished.

A little bird landed 1 ft. above my head and just sat there and looked at me. I did not move, in fear of scary it away. A hummingbird did the exact thing last month. Just flew a couple of inches above my head and gave the look ... hey, you are in MY yard-space.

I was thinking of all the wonderful things my backyard had taught me ... patience, nature, all about seeds, sharing plants and seed and knowledge, birds, flowers, photographing flowers, how weeds can mimic anything, berries, the love of winter in a garden ... too many things to list. But it has been the best teacher of all!

viola seed

columbine seed


Tara Ross Studios said...

beautiful flowers,,,,, I can't wait to see more photos of the new patio steps

Michael said...

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