Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mossy Experiment

While waiting at the accupuncturist today, I spied with my little eye, perfect clumps of moss that the high wind had blown off it's perch. Keeping "tiny" in mind, I planted some in tiny terracotta pots and two small ceramic ones. Just for fun, to see what happens. The textures! The colors and the little hairs that spike up are very delightful to look at.

{later} Since Evil Mad Scientist was so kind to link to my moss experiment, I thought I should actually investigate what kind of moss I was experimenting with. I am pretty sure it is Tetraphis pellucida and baby moss clumps are doing very well as long I keep it very moist. Basic moss biology,

tiny moss experiment

tiny moss experiment

moss experiment

I had so much planned to do today but have taken the slower road. I am walking around the house with needles sticking from the top of my head ...(maybe I indentify with the little moss above). Decided to leave the needles in for as long as possible and take it easy. Slathered on anagestic cream on my aching arm, applied one of those smelly patches ... and played with moss. No rushing, no guilt .... ;)


Shelley Noble said...

Love the moss! Where you live has the BEST selection of it everywhere. I snagged a bunch on a walk a few years ago when mum lived in Bellingham. I used it on my set tree, there's no sub for the real deal.

Really glad to hear that you've taking a stress free tact more and more, ahhhh.

I love the notion of a side by side photo of the needle topped moss with your sweet head with the acu needles in! hee.

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

This is very cool...good luck!

Unknown said...

Love the comparisom of the moss and needles, only you! I agree and think you should share the visual.

Anonymous said...

In dabbling in bonsai I learned that you can actually take moss, remove all the stony bits and put it in a blender. Then pour the resulting moss-liquid where you'd like moss to grow, and it will!

Alioth said...

Wow, those are some great photos. Sounds like a good low-maintenance plant for college students who never remember to water things :D

What substrate did you use? Vanilla potting soil?

souvenir kattunge said...

Ouuu! How cute!!!
I must give this a try! I've got loads of moss lurking near my flat.

Angela at Box of Unicorns said...

I realize this is over a year old, but I just came across it and loved it. There's a patch of moss in our yard so I just went out and put it in an old bonsai dish. It's adorable. Thanks for the idea.