Sunday, January 27, 2008

Go Collage Yourself!

Cathy M. Woo, in Alki Beach, work seen below.

Have always been a fan of Henrik Drescher, here are his dancers

Belinda Schneider

Ann Tracy Lopez, work seen below.

Joyce Hill, "The Tree's Are Weeping" (seen below)

Clare Murray Adams

Eydi Lampasona, assemblage art.

For a list of Collage Artists on the Internet .

Jeffrey Meyer's Goof Button via Collage Clearinghouse

105 matchboxes by Caroline Waite, and so many wonderful works, you must go take a peek! Work seen below.

Go see A Quarterly Journal of Art in the Woods by Julie Sadler (and download the pdf) via magikglasses

Dan Levine Board of Nails, seen below and lots more great stuff!

Alphastamps collage sheets.


iHanna said...

Oh, great links and images. Thanks for sharing, I get so darn inspired when I see all this! :-)

Ann said...

Hi Kim,
A few months after your post, but just happened to run across this. Wanted to say thank-you for appreciating and posting my work! It's late and I must get in bed - back to the day job in the morning - but as soon as I've time I'll read more of your blog.
Ann Tracy-Lopez