Sunday, January 13, 2008

Joe Pogan

Joe Pogan Sculptures. Watch a video about his work. Isn't that fantastic?

"Joe Pogan creates animal sculptures using various "found metal" objects like old watches, sprockets, nuts and bolts. The stranger the piece of metal the better, since the end goal is an eye-catching, fascinating amalgamation of metal with odd nooks and crannies you can explore for hours.",


Dorothy said...

I have to tell you how much I love these bird sculptures. I told my husband if I ever saw one on a street sign (as if!) I'd have to steal it and put it on ours. I wouldn't be able to help myself! He asked why I didn't just make one - He's sure we have enough metal crap in the garage. That was last night, and I think I only just stopped laughing now. Make one. Ya, I'll get right on that.

PLO said...

Wow, this is brilliant! Thanks for sharing it!

liz elayne said...

wow. those birds leave me speechless.